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Sunday Worship @ 9:30am & 6:00pm
  Worship Services

   9:30am Morning worship
   6:00pm Evening worship


  Church Education Classes 

      Immediately following morning worship @ 10:40am
      Classes are dismissed at 11:30am

      3 yr - 3rd grade: Meet in Fireside Room for singing
      4th - 8th grade: Meet in in Room 8 for singing
      9th - 12th grades: Meet in your rooms

  Menu This Week:

    Wednesday, September 20
      Chicken and beef lasagna
      Breadsticks, lettuce salad/toppings
      Fresh fruit, and apple desserts
                                with ice cream.
  Serving is from 5-6:30pm.

   Week of Sept 17 - 24

    Women’s Evening Bible Study: Wed @ 6:30pm
         (in Fireside Room)
    Men’s Life at Groothuis home: Thurs @ Noon
         (Ivan Groothuis home)
    Friendship Bible Class: Thursday @ 7pm

  Moms in Prayer

   Sioux Center Christian School Prayer Group
       Tuesdays @ 9am (Council Room)
   Grandmother's Prayer Group
        Tuesdays @ 10am (Room 3)
    College & Career Prayer Group
         Tuesdays @ 1pm (Room 3)

   Youth Group [Schedule]

     Wednesday, Sept 20
       ConneXtions @ 7:30pm

     Wednesday, Sept 27
       Scavanger Hunt @ 7pm

    GEMS [Schedule]

     Wednesday, September 13
      Kickoff at Bethel CRC

        Please bring a lawn chair
       and your picture.

    Cadets [Schedule]

      Wednesday, Sept. 13
       Counselors will be visiting
       Cadets in their homes between
     Sub Sandwich Sales Sept. 13 - 27
       Contact Jon Buiter or a cadet to order.

   Meetings [Sept 17 - 24]

    Outreach Committee Meeting: Sunday 17th @ 5pm
    Prayer Committee Meeting: Monday @ 7pm
    Pastor Search Committee Meeting: Monday @ 7pm
    Worship Committee Meeting: Tuesday @ 7pm

    A Time of Prayer: Sunday 24th @ 5pm Fireside Room