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Worship Sundays at 9:30am & 6:00pm

These Bible Reading plans are PDF files that you can print.. just click on the file name to see the plan.
If you don't have a printer, please call the church office to request a printed copy of the reading plan you want to follow.

One-Year Bible Reading Plan

Two-Year Bible Reading Plan

One-Year Lectionary - Book of Common Prayer Plan

Bible in a Year Reading Plan: Beginning in Advent

Ligonier Ministries Reading Plans 
This link will bring you to their website with over 18 Bible reading plans available as printable PDFs

The Bible App is available for iPad/iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire.
Once you have the app going, look for "Through the Bible" reading plans

The Daily Office App is available for iPad/iPhone. This app provides the liturgical morning and evening prayer of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer with the one-year lectionary plan above embedded into the daily prayers. You can also choose a two-year option if you desire to pray only morning prayer or evening prayer. Go to settings to control which plan you choose. In the app's settings you can also determine how often you want to pray through the Psalms (30 day or 60 day cycle). The Bible translation used in the app is the English Standard Version. The translation of the Psalms is the New Coverdale Psalter from The Book of Common Prayer (2019). If you don't have an iPad or iPhone it is available for web browser.

The Daily Audio Bible has both a web player option as well as an app. There are several options for reading plans, but the unique thing about the Daily Audio Bible is that there is an audio recording of the readings as well as the written text. For those of you who would benefit from hearing the readings, this might be a great choice.