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Sunday Worship @ 9:30am & 6:00pm

What doors do I use?

Since First CRC is a two-level building, it may be helpful to know what doors to use and what we have available for accessibility.


East Upper Level entrance 
This is the first entrance you see when coming off 2nd St. SE and it brings you to the Upper level of the church.
Upper level contains the church office, council room, infant & toddler nurseries, Fireside Room, Cadet room, and all church education rooms. Stairs on the east or west side (or the elevator) will take you down to the main level and the sanctuary.
During the week, these doors are unlocked during church office hours and during church activities.

South Main Level entrance 
This is considered our main entrance. With two sets of double-doors, it leads to the fellowship hall and sanctuary. These doors are locked during the week, except for church activities, such as Wednesday Night Meals.

West Main Level entrance
This is a single door entrance with handicap access. It is under a drive-through canopy and is the closest entrance to our handicap parking spots, the elevator and the kitchen. It also leads to the fellowship hall and sanctuary. This door is locked during the week, except during church activities.

All three entrances will have greeters before each Sunday worship service, plus there are racks by all entrances to hang coats.


On the main level, there is a handicap accessible restroom on the west side (near elevator). There are also main level restrooms on the east side (near the stairs).  The upper level has restrooms on the west side.


Near the east upper level entrance, are the Infant and Toddler nurseries. They are available for the 10am and evening services. More info...


‚ÄčThere is an elevator at the west end of the building that provides access to both the main sanctuary level and the upper level.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking is offered year-round for those who would like it. Just drive under the canopy by the west entrance and the valet assistants will park your car.  After the worship service, they will drive your car up to the entrance for you.

Church Bus

The First CRC bus picks up those who need a ride to church and back home again after the services. The riders on the bus enjoy a sense of fellowship during their commute and would welcome anyone who needs a ride to join them.  The bus has a lift for wheel-chairs. Please contact the church office if you would like to ride the bus.

Handicap Parking

There are four handicap parking spots on the south side of church and fourteen spots on the west side of the building.  Our handicap parking is there for all those who need it and a permit is not required to park in those spots.  The West Main Level doors are handicap accessible.

Listening Aids

Listening devices with headphones are available at the sound booth.