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Sunday Worship @ 9:30am & 6:00pm
  Worship Services
   Sunday, August 25

    9:30am  Morning worship led by Rev. Kurt Monroe
    6:00pm  Evening worship led by Rev. Kurt Monroe


   JFA Volunteering: Tuesday, August 27
       Meet at church at 8:30am

    Sunday, Sept 1, following morning service.
    Church members A-I: fruit/parfaits
    J-R: egg bake or French toast bake (pre-baked 9X13 pan)
    S-Z: rolls or muffins.
    Sausages, orange juice, and coffee will be provided.
    If you are a guest or student visiting, please join us!


  Church Education Classes

     Teacher Orientation for Sunday School:
Sunday, Aug 25 at 10:45am in the Fireside room 
     Children & Worship Teacher/Helper Orientation:
Sunday, Aug. 25 at 10:45 in Room 8 

     Sunday, Sept 8: First day of Sunday School & Catechism
     and Children & Worship program 

  Menu This Week:

    On Summer break!
    Thank you to all who volunteered 
     or contributed in any way to
     help with our meals!

   Week of August 25 - September 1

    King’s Daughters: Monday @ 7pm
    Friendship New Mentors’ Meeting: Thurs @ 6:30pm
    Friendship Bible Study: Thurs @ 7pm

  Moms in Prayer

   We'll start again soon!

   Moms in Prayer Meeting :
      Saturday, Aug 23 @ 9:30am
      in Fireside room


   Youth Group [Schedule]

    Youth Group Kick-off: Wed, Aug 28
      6pm on front lawn
    Pancake Breakfast: Monday, Sept 2,
    7:30-9:30am at our church building.

    All proceeds go towards their 2020 mission trip. 
     Wed, Sept. 4, at 6:00pm 

    GEMS [Schedule]




    Cadets [Schedule]


  ETM [Schedule]

    Finished for the school year!
 See you in September!

   Meetings [August 25 - September 1]

    Care Group Team Meeting: Monday @ 7pm
    Council Meeting: Monday @ 7:30pm
    Pastoral Assistants Meeting @ 7:30pm