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Sunday Worship @ 9:30am & 6:00pm
  Worship Services
   Sunday, JANUARY 26

    9:30am  Morning worship led by Rev. Kurt Monroe
    6:00pm  Evening worship led by Rev. Kurt Monroe
      including the participation of our Cadets.

  Church Education Classes 

      Immediately following morning worship @ 10:40am
      Classes are dismissed at 11:30am

      3 yr - 3rd grade: Meet in Fireside Room for singing
      4th - 8th grade: Meet in in Room 8 for singing
      Special Needs Class: Meet in Cadet Room
      9th - 12th Grade: Meet in your rooms

  Choir Rehearsal: Sundays @ 8:30am (Sanctuary)
   High school, college students, and adults
   are welcome and invited to join us in song!  
  JFA Volunteering: Tuesdays, January 14 & 28
    Meet at church at 8:30am

  Menu This Week:

    Wednesday, January 29
Spaghetti bake, Olive Garden salad,
     applesauce, garlic bread,
     and pudding.

     Serving is from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.

   Week of January 26 - February 2

    Monday Men's Life: Monday @ Noon
    Tuesday Men’s Life: Tuesday @ 6am
    Wednesday Men’s Life: Wed @ 6am
    JOY Society: Wed @ 12:30pm
    Friendship Bible Study: Thurs @ 7pm

    Oasis 5Eleven

     is a weekly "coffee house" gathering
     for women of all ages. More info...

    Every Thursday
     upper level of the ministry building
     7pm - 9pm...come & go as you please

    Coffee and tea will be provided
     We hope you can come to this oasis of
to connect, encourage & build each other up!

  Moms in Prayer 

   Moms Prayer Group
Tuesdays @ 9-10am (Room 3)
   Grandmother's Prayer Group
        Tuesdays @ 10-11am (Room 3)
    College & Career Prayer Group
         Tuesdays @ Noon-1pm (Room 3)
   New women are welcome any time! 

   Youth Group [Schedule]

    Wednesday, Jan 29
       No meeting
    Friday, Jan 31
       Lock-in @ 9pm
       in the Fellowship Hall
    Wednesday, Feb 5
        Werewolf Game Night @ 7pm

    GEMS [Schedule]

    Wednesday, January 8 @ 7pm
    GEMS meets at Bethel CRC

    Wednesday, January 22 @ 7pm
    GEMS meets at Bethel CRC

    Cadets [Schedule]

    Wednesday, Jan 8
        Meet at 6:45pm

    Wednesday, Jan 22
        Meet at 6:45pm

  ETM [Schedule]

    Open to all 7th & 8th graders
     who want to be a part of this
     fun group!
    Sunday, Jan 26 @ 7:30 - 9pm
Meet at the upper level of the
     First CRC ministry building 
     for a lesson and games.

   Meetings [January 26 - February 2]

    Care Group Team Mtgs: Monday @ 7pm
    Council Meeting: Monday @ 7:30pm
    Pastoral Assistants Mtg: Monday @ 7:30pm