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Sunday Worship @ 9:30am & 6:00pm


CARRYING the WORD into the week...

October 13, 2016
By Rev. Mark Verbruggen
SACRAMENTS - if we celebrate them correctly and regularly - have the power to BRING CHRIST TO US. In BAPTISM we are UNITED with Christ in His death and resurrection. A NEW IDENTITY is given to us: WE ARE the PEOPLE OF GOD. This identity is SUSTAINED and CONFIRMED in our celebration of the Lord's Supper where we receive the BODY and BLOOD of our Lord for the NOURISHING of our spiritual life.

From Sunday's evening sermon | SACRAMENTS: TOUCHING OUR SALVATION | Scripture: Exodus 12:21-28; 14:13-22; II Timothy 3:10-4:5; Belgic Confession Art. 33 | Listen to sermon online | Watch a video of the service