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Worship Sundays at 9:30am & 6:00pm

Worship...July 2020

Starting July 5, our entire congregation is welcome to worship in our sanctuary for the morning service at 9:30am and evening service at 6:00pm!
The services will also be available via Livestream here...

Dear First CRC Family,

We are thankful that we have reached a point where we can worship together as a congregation, with all care groups, even though some of you may choose to stay home and participate via live stream. We wanted to remind everyone, even though the incidence of new cases of Covid-19 are going down in Sioux County, we will have more members in attendance this week since the whole church is invited, so please be respectful of those around you and remember to follow the guidelines below.

Here are the details and instructions for upcoming services of worship:

• If you are not feeling well or are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

• Given the CDC’s guidance regarding COVID-19 and hard surfaces (such as pews), we will only have one service per Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

• The nursery will not be open. Children will stay with their parents.

• We would encourage individuals and families without small children to arrive a bit early (around 9:15) and those with young children to arrive later (around 9:25) because the ushers will begin seating people at the front of the sanctuary, and we want those with small children to be able to be seated toward the back.

• We encourage you to wear masks while entering and exiting the building. (Masks are encouraged but will not be required.)

• Please keep at least six feet between you and others who aren’t part of your household while entering and exiting the building.

• Please enter by the doors on the lower level of the building. The doors will be propped open.

• Upon entering, please allow the ushers to direct you to your seats. They will be seating the congregation in order to maximize space while leaving ample distance between people who are not of the same household. As I said before, they will be filling the sanctuary from the front to the back, leaving two empty pews between members of the congregation.

• We will not collect the offering during the service of worship. Offering plates will be placed at the rear of the sanctuary and near the doors at the front of the sanctuary. If you will be leaving cash offerings in the plates, please note the offerings for the evening services in the bulletin and use envelopes to indicate to the deacons to which offering you are giving. You can also continue giving online.

• Following the benediction, please wait for the guest pastor to exit via the center aisle first. After that, the ushers will prop open the doors at the front of the sanctuary as well as those at the rear. Those in the front pews can exit out the front and those near the back of the sanctuary should exit from the rear. Please allow the front and rear pews to exit first, and then wait your pew's turn, maintaining at least six feet distance between you and the next person.

• Please do not congregate in the fellowship area behind the sanctuary before or after the service. We encourage you to fellowship outside after the service as long as you continue to practice safe social distancing while you talk.

• Bathrooms will be open and available for use, but we encourage you to use the restroom at home if at all possible and ask parents to accompany children to ensure proper hand washing.


First CRC Council