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Youth Group Rehoboth 2016 Blog

Youth Group Trip to Rehoboth

Rehoboth Trip - July 8

July 08, 2016
By Lisa Dykstra

Today was our day away and boy, did we have a great time! We started the morning by driving to El Morro National Monument. We walked trails there, enjoyed great views, were able to see ancient ruins, a natural pool, and saw carvings in the sand stone dating back to the 1600s. After the hike we ate lunch and then headed caving at the Junction Cave in El Malpais National Park. After caving we drove to the town of Zuni Pueblo and saw the main village. We stopped and enjoyed some pizza at their only restaurant in town, Chu Chu's. After supper we were able to quick stop at a trading post and pick up some souvenirs. The rest of the night was spent chilling together and loading up the vans to come home. Tomorrow, Satuday, we head out at 4am and we will be making the long ride home - we would appreciate your prayers for safe travels!  


Rehoboth Trip - July 7

July 07, 2016
By Lisa Dykstra

Today was our final day of work for the whole youth group. The group who stayed on campus worked hard trimming trees and bushes, mowing weeds, painting a house and deck, and raking piles of gravel around a playground. The group really worked hard to complete all the tasks that were asked of them. 

The other group was able to go into Gallup and work with The Feast, which was a homeless mission place. The group prepared hygiene kits, and made and served food for the homeless people in the area. The group was also able to work with another youth group from the area. While there, the kids intereacted with some of the homeless and were able to hear many different stories.  

After all the work was completed, we played some games together and then we went into Gallup to watch some native Zunni dances. 


Rehoboth Trip - July 6

July 06, 2016
By Lisa Dykstra

Today was another day full of hard work for those in the youth group. The group who worked on campus accomplished many things today. They trimmed bushes and trees, Andrew drove a backhoe back and forth collecting branches, Pastor Mark ran the chainsaw, and Lisa and a few girls painted and stained front porches. While the work went on, many conversations happened and relationships grew stronger. 

For those who went to the Red Letter Camp, it was their last day there. The morning included teaching the kids new songs, doing crafts, learning about Jesus calming the storm, and many fun activites that left the kids messy and wet. After the fun activites, we all enjoyed snow cones and had to say our goodbyes to the kids.


After work in the afternoon, most everyone went on a hike to The Pyramid in the Red Rock Part. The hike included lots of steps, inclines, water breaks, and even a bloody nose. The hike only took us about two hours and when we were done we were so happy to have a delicious meal of lasagna already prepared for us by Tammy and Lisa. After supper the whole youth group went out and played a game of soccer together.  


Rehoboth Trip - July 5

July 05, 2016
By Lisa Dykstra

Today we began our day with a tour of the campus. Deanna, the women in charge of hosting us, walked us all around the campus, giving us history lessons of each building we came across.  

After the tour, each group went their separate ways to their projects. The group who worked on campus spent their day working out in the hot sun. They did mutliple things such as trim bushes along the soccer field, move old carpet, pick up garbage around the cemetary, and paint benches. The group who went to the cemetary were just amazed at how different the cemetary looked compared to ours back home. The graves were colorful with flowers and mementos all over them - it was just great to reminder of the different culture we are experiencing each day.

The group who worked at the Red Letter Camp had a busy day full of fun. They began the morning by performing a skit for the kids about Jesus feeding the five thousand. They also got the opportunity to introduce a few new songs to the kids. As the morning went on, the youth group was split up into different age groups and went along with the kids to craft, Bible stories, and rec stations. Then in the afternoon we brought all the kids to the pool. 

In the evening we got to experience the culture of Rehoboth at its finest. We were served authentic Navajo tacos, along with blue corn mush (which was very similar to cream of wheat). After the delicious meal, Deanna's husband and son gave us a presentation that included a legend story, a flute demonstration, and a traditional dance.  


We ended the night with everyone going out to the soccer fields and playing a game of softball. 


Rehoboth Trip - July 4

July 04, 2016
By Lisa Dykstra

Today we began working on the different projects that Reheboth had for us to do. The youth group was split up into two groups, one went to the Red Letter Camp (a vacation bible school), and the other group worked in the school rearranging furniture and tearing out carpet. The vacation bible school group came back after lunch and helped the group in the school finish up. It was great to see everyone working together in order to get the job done. After the work was complete for the afternoon, there were many exhausted people. They were able to chill for awhile in the dorm and then left for a hike. 





We had Matthew from Rehoboth lead us on the hike. Now this hike was no ordinary hike. We hiked The Crevice in the Red Rock Park. Below is just one picture of the kind of climbing we did. All those who took part in the hike can all say they were pushed out of their comfort zone and were forced to put trust in their bodies. Throughout the entire hike there was so much encouragement which was so great to see. 

Above is a picture of Brianna. She found a cat after the hike and just had to take a picture with it. 


After the hike everyone was glad to be able to just have supper, do devotions, and chill for the rest of the night. 




Rehoboth Trip - July 2 & 3

July 03, 2016
By Lisa Dykstra

We finally made it to Rehoboth, New Mexico - after a long two days of driving, traffic jams, rain storms, a stop in Grand Junction, and sight seeing. Saturday night we made it to Grand Junctin, Colorado and were welcomed by Adrian de Lange and his wife. They brought us to their church and we were so grateful to see stacks of air mattresses and brownies sitting on the counter. Before we left Sunday morning Adrian gave us a send off message based on Colossians 4, encouraging us to get to know the stories of the people we get to meet this week. 

(Picture taken at Wilson's Arch)


The rest of the drive to Rehoboth included mulitiple stops to take in the beautiful views and landscapes of Utah. We were even able to make a stop at the 4 Corners. The whole group was in four states at one time - Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Here are a few pictures from Sunday:

(Picture taken at Four Corners)

(Picture taken near the Colorado River)

(Picture taken near the Colorado River)


Later we will be updating about the projects and activities we will be taking part in as the week goes on. 

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