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Sunday Worship @ 9:30am & 4:30pm (Dec. 15)


CARRYING the WORD into the week...

October 06, 2016
By Rev. Mark Verbruggen
Will we BE WORKING for God's VISION or will we be CAUGHT UP in the false visions of this world? In the end, the DECISIONS you make, the causes you SUPPORT, the VISION you have, will show whether or not you are ROOTED in Christ and in His PROGRAM of REDEMPTION. The matter has been FIRMLY FIXED by God and God WILL DO IT SOON. Therefore, we HEAR His Word and BOW to His SOVEREIGNTY. Let's be WISE and DISCERNING as we live our lives for the PROMOTION of God's VISION for God's GLORY.

From Sunday's evening sermon | JOSEPH: ENTHRONED | Scripture: Genesis 41 | Listen to sermon online | Watch video of the service